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Organisations large and small

FlexiBuzz is used by businesses, schools, clubs, councils and community groups to engage with their people in a controlled environment.

Active notification technology

We’ve developed a comprehensive suite of messaging and notification tools to make it easy for you to deliver your information and make sure it’s read.

• Set scheduled release dates
• Set repeating reminders
• Expire messages automatically
• Pin important messages
• Link to events
• Multiple pushes
• Multi-channel message delivery option

Administrator driven communications

FlexiBuzz puts the controls into your hands to manage all your messaging and notifications:

• Allocate messaging rights to other staff
• Control what is sent
• Nominate who receives it
• Regulate replies
• Collate responses
• Deliver time-sensitive announcements
• Request feedback from specific people
• Schedule push notifications
• Manage response forms

Select your audience

Send messages to thousands of people, smaller groups or an individual.
You simply select and send.

Whole organisation

Small groups of people

Send private messages to individuals

More than messaging

A sophisticated platform with tools to reach your organisation.

Send photos and video

Share important links

Digital forms

Integrated calendar

API’s for 3rd party integration

Stuctured to service large multi-layerd organisations

We’ll develop customised solutions to meet your needs

Multi-channel notification options including push message and email

Calendar messaging integration

The FlexiBuzz calendar works quietly in the background pushing event information notification alerts into the FlexiBuzz newsfeed.

• Multiple reminders of events
• Adds events to the newsfeed when they need to be seen
• Alerts when events are due
• Integrates with your Google calendar
• Move events to your personal calendar

one2one private messaging

A unique tool that replaces costly SMS and lets you send instant messages to individuals.

It’s so easy to use. You send a message from the admin area to the person, and they receive a push notification directly to their phone, tablet or computer. Teachers, coaches and other staff members can use one2one to send private messages to parents of their class direclty from their phone.

Language translation

The FlexiBuzz language translation tool helps people for whom English is a second language.

Simply set your preferred language in preferences then everything is received translated

Enhancing collaboration

FlexiBuzz lets different organisations send information to the same group of people to enhance the communication experience. Club members can be connected to other organisations receiving their information independently of your school.

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